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Oregon Has A Budget Deficit And A Spending Addiction.

Oregon has a budget deficit and a spending addiction.

Priority Oregon Launches Statewide Advertising Campaign

Portland, OR– -Priority Oregon today previewed a new ad that will begin airing on Wednesday in the Portland and Eugene television markets. The ad is part of a campaign to educate the public about the legislature’s latest plan to pass a gross receipts tax on Oregon sales. The ad encourages Oregonians to contact legislators and the Governor in opposition to the new tax. The group also launched,, a website where people can go for more information.

The ad features a woman in a grocery store discussing just some of the consequences of the proposed taxes. The ad points out that while the legislature may call the proposals a “gross receipts tax” or a “tax on Oregon sales,” it’s really just a sales tax because companies will simply pass the higher costs on to consumers and small businesses.

“Oregon state government has nearly $2 billion more to spend on state services than the last budget, but still claims to face a $1.6 billion deficit. It’s time to get spending under control instead of proposing new taxes. The solution to closing the budget gap is to prioritize and reform spending, not to soak Oregonians with billions of dollars in new taxes,” said Priority Oregon spokesperson, John Davis.

Davis said the proposed tax will hit low and middle-income families and seniors living on fixed incomes the hardest. And because these proposals tax sales, not profits, it will hurt Oregon small businesses and those with slim profit margins like grocery stores, restaurants, farms, and businesses already struggling to survive. “Multiple studies have shown that proposed taxes on Oregon sales would increase consumer prices and hurt people who are least able to pay.” Davis concluded.

It’s Really Just a Sales Tax TV Script

    The legislature has plans to pour billions in new taxes on a company’s sales.

    You think companies will absorb the higher costs?

    Not on your life. (Squeezes out sponge into other consumer measuring cups) They’ll pass it on to us with higher prices on food, medicine, clothing, gas, cable….all the things we buy.

    So it’s not really a tax on a company’s sales. It’s really just a Sales Tax on us.

    Tell your legislator not to soak us with this new tax.

About Priority Oregon

Priority Oregon supports public policies that will help grow our economy and create new family supporting jobs here in Oregon. Priority Oregon is organized under Section 501C4 of the Internal Revenue Service.

It’s Really Just a Sales Tax
A project of Priority Oregon
P.O. Box 820091 Portland, OR 97282

For Immediate Release: April 4, 2017
Contact: John Davis (503) 765-8055

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