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Instead Of Reducing Spending On Public Employee Pensions And Implementing A Hiring Freeze, Legislators Propose Drastic Cuts To Spending For Children, Veterans, The Poor And Elderly. They’re Trying To Bully Us Into A Massive Hidden Sales Tax On Everything We Buy.

Instead of reducing spending on public employee pensions and implementing a hiring freeze, legislators propose drastic cuts to spending for children, veterans, the poor and elderly. They’re trying to bully us into a massive hidden sales tax on everything we buy.

In bid for new taxes, Democrats paint grim future for Oregon.   SALEM – A new list of possible cuts to state agencies that paints a dark future for Oregonians was the talk of the capitol Tuesday. To fill the…

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Senator Hass Doesn’t Want Taxpayers To “interfere With Our Government Or Our Political Process.”  So It’s Free Speech When You Support A Tax Increase And Interference When You Oppose One.

Senator Hass doesn’t want taxpayers to “interfere with our government or our political process.” So it’s free speech when you support a tax increase and interference when you oppose one.

Sen. Mark Hass blasts corporate tax attack ads as ‘amateur,’ ‘lazy’   Ads from a new business group calling itself Priority Oregon are undermining lawmakers' efforts to garner business support for a new type of tax on corporations, Senate Revenue…

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